The 9 Best Natural Hot Springs in Utah

There are a lot of great natural hot springs in the United States – but Utah is home to some of the best of the best.

These natural wonders are tucked into every corner of the state, so there’s likely one to visit no matter where your Utah adventure takes you. Many are located deep in the mountains and require a strenuous hike to reach. Others, however, are easily accessible by car. Some have even been built up into fully-fledged hot springs resorts.

Here are 9 of the best natural hot springs in Utah.

Best Natural Hot Springs in Utah

To make finding the best hot springs in Utah even easier, we’ve narrowed down your options to just 9 of the very best. One of our top selections is sure to meet your needs and preferences.

1.     Baker Hot Springs

Hot Springs Water with Bucket and Steam

Location: Great Salt Lake

One of the best natural hot springs near Great Salt Lake, Baker Hot Springs has a reputation for scalding hot water.

Make sure to test the water before entering any of the three pools as the source water temperature is usually at least 107°F. All three pools are constructed from concrete tubs to create a relatively luxurious experience for an otherwise undeveloped hot spring. Their ample size enables several visitors to enjoy the tubs at the same time.

Several other hot springs are located in the general area, thanks to their location near the Fumarole Butte, although few, if any, are usable. Baker Hot Springs is popular with locals although its remote location means it’s rarely ever crowded. Plenty of RV and tent camping opportunities, including dispersed camping, is available on the surrounding public lands.

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2.     Mystic Hot Springs

Woman Bathing in Mystic Natural Hot Springs in Utah

Location: Sevier Valley

Mystic Hot Springs is a good in-between for those that prefer a primitive hot spring but with basic amenities.

Long heralded as a haven for therapeutic soaking, this Utah hot springs has been a hotspot for hippies and outdoor lovers alike since the 1960s (although early settlers began using the spring as early as 1882). The mineral-rich water comes out of the Sevier Fault at a whopping 168°F from the source but is cooled to a much more reasonable 95°F to 110°F depending on the pool in question.

Travertine terraces have formed surrounding the pools thanks to decades of mineral deposits, creating an otherworld soaking atmosphere. Cabins, buses, and camping are all available on-site. The hot spring also hosts several music festivals and other events throughout the year.

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3.     Saratoga Hot Springs

Bathing in a Natural Hot Springs

Location: Utah Lake

Saratoga Hot Springs, also referred to as Inlet Hot Springs, is located in one of the most geologically active regions of Utah.

This pristine, undeveloped hot spring consists of a single large soaking pool with a comfortable soaking temperature of just under 100°F. It’s surrounded by reeds and long grass with a cement walkway leading the way in so you don’t get your shoes muddy. Note that both nude bathing and alcohol use are strictly prohibited.

What’s most notable about Saratoga Hot Springs is the fantastic view. Breathtaking sites of the Wasatch Mountains makes this one of the most scenic hot springs in Utah. Because this geothermal area is so easily accessible, it’s often very crowded. Visit early in the morning or during the week to beat the crowds.

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4.     Diamond Fork Hot Springs

Diamond Fork Hot Springs in Utah

Location: Spanish Fork, Utah

Diamond Fork is another Utah hot springs that goes by several names. It’s also commonly referred to as Fifth Water Hot Springs.

Located only an hour away from Salt Lake City, this natural hot spring is popular among visitors and locals alike. However, it does require a relatively strenuous 2.5-mile hike to reach the bathing pools, so plan accordingly. The hike does reduce the number of visitors, although the hot springs will still likely be busy, especially during the summer.

The entire hike in is gorgeous. You cross a handful of small, crystal-blue rivers. The hot springs are also bright blue. There are several rock-lined pools of various temperatures as well as a small waterfall. The lower pools have the most scenic views of the surrounding canyon. Several car camping and backpacking opportunities are available in the immediate area, including free, dispersed campsites.

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5.     Gandy Warm Springs

Sunset with Grass in Foreground

Location: Great Basin National Park

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Great Basin National Park, Gandy Warm Springs is located just minutes from Utah’s border with Nevada.

As a warm spring, the pools here aren’t exactly hot – but they’re still relatively warm at roughly 80°F. There are two large pools, a small underwater cave system, and a cascading waterfall. A fire pit is built just to the side of the smaller of the two pools.

In addition to the two natural warm springs, the adjacent river itself has been dammed up to create a deeper and more spacious swimming area. Thanks to the underground springs system, this also stays around 80°F. An established campground and dispersed campsites are both available in the general area.

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6.     Red Hill Hot Springs

Monroe Hot Springs Near Red Hill Hot Springs in Utah

Location: Monroe, Utah

Red Hill Hot Springs is a surprisingly underrated natural hot springs in Utah.

It’s located near the town of Monroe, just a short drive from the ever-popular Mystic Hot Springs. Like Mystic Hot Springs, it’s surrounded by beautiful red rock formations that have been shaped by the mineral waters and geothermal activity in the area.

There are three tin bathtub sized pools to soak in plus one large, round tin tub. The entire area is rustic with no amenities. Although Red Hill Hot Springs does get crowded, it’s usually much less crowded than Mystic Hot Springs, making it an excellent soaking location for those that prefer a more laidback, secluded experience.

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7.     Horseshoe Warm Springs

Horseshoe Warm Springs in Utah

Location: Skull Valley

Tucked away in the vast expanse of sage brush and salt flats that is Utah’s West Desert, Horseshoe Warm Springs is just one of the many geothermal pools in Skull Valley.

Unlike some of the boiling hot springs in Utah, Horseshoe Warm Springs clocks in at around 70°F, making it a warm spring by definition. It consists of a large swimming area, more of a pond or a lake, than the small pools typical of hot springs. Beautiful views of the surrounding desert valley and far off mountains abound.

In addition to swimming and relaxing, Horseshoe Warm Springs is a popular location for fishing, although actually catching fish here is easier said than done. Multiple camping opportunities are also available close at hand. Keep in mind that Skull Valley as a whole is very remote and is miles away from any amenities or services, including grocery stores and gas stations.

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8.     Meadow Hot Springs

Meadow Hot Springs in Utah

Location: Fillmore, Utah

Unlike most natural hot springs which are located on public land, the beautiful Meadow Hot Springs sits on private land.

Because of its location on private land, it’s even more important than usual to respect and follow all posted rules and regulations. Among the most important rule to follow is to always pack out everything that you pack in. Be responsible while using these geothermal pools to ensure that they stay open for everyone to enjoy.

Meadow Hot Springs consists of main soaking areas, although the largest pool is the best of the best. It’s located in a natural rock tub in the middle of a vast open space with rolling fields that back up to snow-capped mountains. Expect temperatures of around 100°F. The main pool is large enough for a few dozen people to use at one time.

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9.     Ogden Hot Springs

Ogden, Utah View from Nearby Hill

Location: Ogden, Utah

* The tubs are currently dismantled, but the small waterfall that serves as the source of the hot water is still available.

Another one of the best natural hot springs in Utah, Ogden Hot Springs is located just minutes from the town of Ogden.

It’s notable for its river-side location. It consists of two large pools carved into the rock right next to the gorgeous Ogden river. Know that you must ford the river to reach the hot spring, so make sure that you have the proper supplies. The hot spring is best accessed during the mid to late summer months when the river is at its lowest. Fording the river can be dangerous when it’s running high.

This Utah hot springs boasts a water temperature of around 100°F. The water doesn’t flow directly into the tubs, instead it’s piped in through a series of hoses from where it flows down the canyon wall.

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Utah Hot Springs Resorts and Spas

Woman Standing in Front of Window Overlooking Hot Springs in Utah

Although there’s something magical about relaxing in a completely natural hot springs, the remoteness and lack of amenities isn’t for everyone.

For those that prefer a more luxurious mineral pools experience, a visit to a hot springs resort or spa is a real treat. Here are a few of the best in Utah:

  • Crystal Hot Springs  Located just outside Honeyville, this Utah hot springs resort is one of the most popular in the state. It’s well-loved for its modern geothermal swimming pools and on-site camping. It’s also notable as having one of the highest mineral contents of any geothermal pool in the world.
  • Homestead Crater  Possibly one of the most unique hot springs in Utah, the Homestead Crater is a natural hot spring located inside a beehive-shaped rock cave with an opening on the top of the dome. The large pool is home to world-class swimming and snorkeling. It’s also the only place for warm-water scuba diving in the United States. The surrounding Homestead Resort, complete with suites and condos, will make your stay even more luxurious.
  • Moab Springs Ranch  Turn your trip to Moab and nearby Arches National Park with a stay at nearby Moab Springs Ranch. Several warm mineral springs pools and hot tubs are surrounded by beautiful red rock as well as a variety of accommodations, including townhouses and bungalows.

All of these Utah hot springs are built up and well-maintained. They boast regulated water temperature and water cleanliness. They all have bathhouses and changing rooms. Some even have on-site camping, lodging, and dining opportunities in addition to other spa services like massage and facials.

Additional Tips for Using Hot Springs in Utah

Blue Water from Natural Hot Springs in Utah

Visiting the best hot springs in Utah is relatively straightforward.

Once you decide upon a certain location to visit, do your research so that you know what to expect in terms of driving and trail conditions. Plan accordingly in terms of hiking in, going to the bathroom (when no toilets are available), and so on.

Most importantly, always respect the springs, the surrounding natural area, and all other visitors enjoying the therapeutic waters. Test the water temperature before entering, stay hydrated, and practice the leave no trace principles.

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