What is the size when folded in its carry bag?
The Mock ONE, when folded in its carry bag, is:
SIZE: 35” high x 9” wide x 12” deep.
WEIGHT: 16 lbs.
Fits very easily in a car trunk, canoe, on your back…or anywhere you choose. All accessories fit in or onto the carry bag.

How much weight can it hold?
Our advertised weight limit for the Mock ONE is 250 lbs.

How tall can a person be and remain comfortable in it?
The Mock ONE has been designed to fit bodies up to 6’5” comfortably past the pillowed end bars. In addition, if a person is this tall they will be able to use the Mock ‘Squito net without touching it with their feet.
Persons over 6’5” can still comfortably chill on the Mock ONE with their feet extending beyond the end bars.

Why does the hammock fabric look very tight or seem taught?
On the first few uses, right out of the box, the hammock fabric will seem taught. Just use it as normally and after a few uses it will stretch out into its stable length.

Are the Cup holders supposed to be inside or outside of the basket?
The answer is "BOTH".  In the Chill Master bundle the Mock ONE has the cup holders on the outside (seen in many of the photos and videos).  In the stand-alone Mock ONE we moved them to the inside of the basket to avoid potential damage from being pinched in the frame when closing. 

Does your company offer a warranty?
We guarantee our product from all manufacturing defects. If your Mock ONE arrives with any manufacturing defects, we will replace the product within the first year of purchase. Learn more here

What is Make Happy?
It’s what our products are designed to do. It’s beautifully simple. It’s why we are here. It’s why you are reading this. It’s what wakes us up in the morning.
Make happy is the banner that brings everyone in the Republic together. The outdoors is ours to enjoy and share. Our products encourage outside time and diversion. It does not matter if you dog sled solo across the Arctic, or hammock in the backyard as long as it makes you happy!