Mock Stories: How’s Their Park Camping with Mock One Hammock

Park camping offers a unique blend of natural beauty and recreational amenities, making it an appealing choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether nestled within state, national, or regional parks, these campgrounds provide an immersive experience in nature. Park camping often grants campers easy access to hiking trails, scenic viewpoints, and educational programs, allowing them to explore the diverse ecosystems that parks preserve. With well-maintained facilities, such as designated campsites, restrooms, and sometimes even visitor centers, park camping ensures a comfortable and convenient stay amid picturesque landscapes. Whether you're seeking the tranquility of a forested grove, the serenity of a lakeside setting, or the majesty of mountainous terrain, park camping offers a diverse range of options for those eager to connect with nature.

Customers from Republic of Durable Goods enjoyed a lot with their Mock One Hammocks and let’s check out some of their stories here.

 I am very pleased with the portability and quick set up of the the Mock l.  We enjoy taking ours to a park to lay back, relax and read a book.  The bug net is great for keeping the flies away during the day and the mosquitoes off us at night while laying by the fire pit.  We had a couple issues:  the feet on one hammock were not locking on securely and the visor screw on the other was not catching but when I contacted customer support they quickly responded and helped rectify the problem.  I rate a company high if they have good customer service. -Mary

state park camping with mock one hammocks

I love a good hammock. When I moved to NYC I learned that you aren't allowed to hang hammocks from a tree. I was thrilled to come across the Mock ONE. The first weekend I had a lovely afternoon relaxing in Central Park.-Melissa

fall camping with mock one hammock with mosquito net

It’s an absolute treasure and multi-functional. You can set it up in under a minute or break it down in under a minute but once you lay in it you never want to get up. I highly recommend this product for anyone with a passion to be outdoors albeit on a mountain top , beach , local park or just sunning in your backyard it’s the ultimate lounger / hammock. -Peggy

family camping with Mock One portable hammock with stand

I got this for my husband for Father’s Day, but was so excited about it that I gave it to him early. This is such a perfect setup for our family of 7 who spends a lot of time at ballparks and outdoors. Not only did my husband love it, my kids love it so much that it has stayed up in our living room and one of them is always in it! Very easy to setup and take down, I would highly recommend it.-Anna

open park camping with mock one folding portable hammock with stand

This hammock is perfect anywhere! We took it to White Sands National Park..(a huge desert with no trees for miles)! My whole family tried the hammock and loved it! Even my dogs got cozy in it! It’s also super easy to put together, and easy to carry! We love it!-Sandy

White Sands National Park camping with portable stand alone hammock

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