Mock Stories-Mock One Hammock for Small Space

For those living in cozy quarters or urban dwellings where the luxury of sprawling trees is a rarity, the Mock One Hammock emerges as a game-changer. This ingeniously designed hammock eliminates the need for nature's supports, offering a freestanding and space-efficient solution. The Mock One is not just a hammock; it's a portable haven that unfolds anywhere, bringing the joy of hammocking to even the smallest of spaces. Whether you have a tiny balcony, a compact patio, or just a corner in your living room yearning for a touch of relaxation, the Mock One sets up with ease, providing the ultimate comfort and suspended bliss without the constraints of needing two trees. Its portability and compact design make it the world's most convenient hammock with a stand, ushering in a new era of hammocking tailored for those who cherish tranquility but live in spaces where trees are a rare commodity. Say goodbye to the quest for trees; with Mock One, the hammock lifestyle finds a home even in the coziest corners. Let’s check out Mock stories from our customers.

portable hammock with stand for balcony

Perfect for my apartment balcony! I've been loving having this for the summer.-Marissa

folding hammock with stand for porch

I love this hammock. Works well for my porch, which is where I mainly wanted to use it to hang out. I love all the features that come with it that would be great for anywhere with the little carry bag that is also a mat and the pockets! -Renae

portable hammock with stand

I use this hammock on my small balcony, and the hammock size is perfect.  If you’re looking for me, I’ll on my hammock this summer! -Georgia

portable hammock with stand and sun shade

I live in a townhouse with a small-ish balcony and wanted to have something I could enjoy out there without something permanent or bulky, but this is the perfect size for it. You can easily reach the cup holder underneath (it can't hold a typical 40oz water bottle, but most bottles should fit). And it takes almost no time to set up and tear down. - Lori

Great Hammock. I have on my back porch and watch TV while laying in it.-Gary

indoor portable hammock with stand

Trying it out a few days in my house and it is helping me kick the habit of sleeping on my stomach. i can’t wait to buy the bug net, poles and tarp. wished i had bought it all together to save $ - Elise


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