Mock Stories-Enjoy Your Portable Relaxation with These All in One Hammocks

Modern life often bombards us with incessant demands and stressors, making moments of reprieve in nature increasingly essential. Embracing the outdoors should be a seamless and rejuvenating experience, allowing individuals to disconnect from the complexities of daily life. Hassle-free outdoor relaxation is not just a luxury; it's a necessity for mental well-being. The simplicity of setting up a hammock like the Mock One enables people to escape at a moment's notice, fostering a greater connection with nature, reducing stress, and promoting overall tranquility. In a world where time is a precious commodity, the ability to effortlessly unwind in nature becomes a powerful antidote to the pressures of modern living. 


Let’s check out how our portable hammock with stand made their outdoor life hassle free.

portable free standing hammock for porch

“I’ve used this almost every day since I received it. Easy to set up and put away and it is very comfortable.” -Celeste

two pack bundle portable hammocks with stands

“We ordered the two pack and are so pleased.  They are easy to assemble, oh so comfortable (my 6’2” husband is 6’2”) and a breeze to take down.  Don’t worry, because they might arrive in two separate deliveries, but they are worth the wait!” -Lucie

free standing hammock with mosquito net

“There are not many places in the world mosquitoes don't populate. Antarctica is mosquito free, and new research suggests there are no mosquitoes in Iceland, but this net made it so there are no mosquitoes on me!! This is my go to product when I am hammocking! Set up really easy, once I figured it out!  Highly recommended accessory for the Mock ONE.” -Christopher

folding portable hammock with stand

“I have several hammocks but none of them are as easy to travel with as these are.  Very well built with lots of storage compartments built within reach of you laying down in your hammock.  I will be purchasing accessories soon so I can stay warm when using the hammock in cold weather.  I love my Mock one's.” -Jody

van camping with portable free standing hammocks

“We escaped in our travel trailer and first thing we did, once we landed, was to set up the Mock One's! So easy and nice you settle your tush into the center you can feel the stress in your shoulders release!” -Mary

portable hammock with stand for outdoor relaxation

“I have wanted a hammock for a long time and decided to get this for several reasons: it has a stand, could convert to a chair hammock easily, and was portable so I could take camping. It is very easy to assemble and convert over to the chair style, very sturdy, and comfortable. The only thing I wish it had come with was a carry bag but I found a military canvas bag online that will work great. Very happy with this purchase.” -Noelle

portable hammock with stand and mosquito net

“If you love the outdoors, you NEED this hammock! We live in the desert so, there is not always accessibility to hang a hammock in between the trees. This free-standing hammock has changed the game! Super easy to set up and take down and very sturdy! I will be hammocking in this allllll summer :)” -Karley

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