Mock Stories: How’s Their Lake Camping with Mock One Hammock

Nestled between the tranquil waters and the serene wilderness, lake camping offers a unique and rejuvenating escape for outdoor enthusiasts, and it became one of the most popular campsite among our Mock One Hammock customers. How’s their lake camping with Mock One Hammock with Stand? Let’s check them out.

When looking for a portable hammock that you don’t need to worry about somewhere to hook it, this is your find. I spent quite a few hours researching and looking for a portable hammock to take out to out lake house, and work in our back yard. This is easy to use, fast to set up and take down. The sun shade is great for letting me read for hours. If your looking for a hammock to relax wherever you are this is the perfect fit!!-Bobby

lake camping with portable free standing hammock

Their cool looking and have a amazing design, and are one of the most comfortable hammocks  I have ever been in. Not to mention that is is portable and has a under, and over quilt that makes is super warm. I would say the thing I love the most about this product is the mock’squito net because I live in a area that has lots of bugs and it really helps. Another part that I really like about this is the mock trap that really makes the mock 1 look like a tent and blocks me from getting wet. Over all I really really love this product and I am so glad I got one, I can see this being the next big thing.-Carlos

lake camping with portable folding tent hammock

 I was a little unsure about buying this, seemed like a new company...  did get this as a gift, and took it camping this year. It is a five star product for me! Set up and take down is extremely easy, after the first time when you have to just figure it out. After that, it's a breeze. What I love is that I can put this hammock anywhere, it doesn't have to be under two trees - I can put it in sun or shade. I think its very comfortable. I can lay down and nap, but I can also be laying down and looking out over the lake. I was careful about placing it somewhere stable, but then I DID feel stable, not like I was going to tip out if I leaned a little bit. Packaging and engineering was well thought out; it seems you considered everything, from how to carry it, how to easily fold it together, simplest way to put together. Awesome product!-Linda

lake camping with stable and portable hammock

I just want to say if you are on the fence about buying the mock one let me tell you, you will not regret it. I have two and both are amazing I love both of them. I think the mock one is the BEST hammock you will find, the mock one is easy to set up, portable, super comfortable, and needs NO TREES :) I am a  Boy Scout and I cannot what to take the Mock One camping with its high quality and durability it will be a amazing camping trip. I also love all the hammock accessories, like  the Mock shade it comes with any Mock you buy and it keeps the sun out of your face. Another accessory is the mock over quilt which is water resistant and vary comfortable. It also can be attached to the next accessory the mock under quilt, the mock under quilt is amazing it keeps you nice and warm, plus it prevents the “cold butt syndrome”. When they are both connected it’s like your in a little cocoon of warmth. But enough about quilts, I think the Mock'Squito Net is the most useful part about the mock one it keeps all the bugs away from you when you mock. Also I just had too add that it is soooooooo easy to set up and take down. Plus it is one of the most comfortable hammocks I have ever been in, I have spent the last 6 night in a row in the Mock One and I have loved it. This is a amazing product and I love it and I highly highly recommend it.-Tyler

camping with dog by the lake

My son got it for his birthday and we test it up in our house for him to sleep in and try out before he gets to use it on camp outs. Oh man! He sleeps in it almost every night and reads in it and when he is not in it... I am! It is amazing and comfortable and so lightweight and durable! All of my other kids want one too and so do I! It is tempting to get one for each of us and do a room of hammocks instead of beds! seriously though... it is easy to hook up and put down. Such a great product.-Malisa

family lake camping with portable free standing hammock

I bought this for my husband because he likes compact, light items for our camper.  We used it this weekend while lake camping and this hammock is so comfortable, easy to set up and take down. Great addition to our camping gear.  highly recommend.-Shellye

camping with portable folding hammock with stand

As I am relaxing by the lake, in my Mock One, I realized that I should write a review. This baby took me under 10 minutes to set up (including sun shade). It is mad comfy, and looks great, even after owning it since 2020 and using it lots. I’ve used it in the mountains, in yards, at the beach, and all over. People always ask about it! Great product and super useful!!-Sandy

camping by the river with portale Mock One Hammock

I loved the concept when I first saw the Mock ONE, and I love it now that it has arrived. I usually have a "bag chair" in my car, just in case I find a wonderful spot to hang out for a while, and now the hammock will join the chair. The hammock is wide enough, and stable enough, for me to curl up comfortably on my side, but I need a couple of (inflatable) pillows to be comfortable on my back. I recommend  getting the bag to easily store and carry the hammock and pillows in one space.-Susan

lake camping with portable free standing hammock

Whoever thought of this idea of a portable hammock is a GENIUS! This product is sturdy and yet portable. It folds up in a compact form so it is easy to carry around. When it is time to set it up, it only takes less than 5 minutes. The comfort level of this portable hammock is superb. My wife can't be happier with this portable hammock. We already took it to the lakeside and anticipate to carry this portable hammock around with us whenever we go outdoors.  This is a must buy!!-Derek

van camping by the lake with free standing hammock

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