How to Hammock Camping with Mock One

For years, the camping world has predominantly embraced tents as the go-to overnight shelter. However, there's a captivating alternative that's been gaining popularity – the humble hammock. In this article, we'll explore the realm of hammock camping, answering the question, "what is hammock camping," and uncovering the essentials needed to transform your camping experience. To take your outdoor relaxation to new heights, we'll introduce the Mock One Hammock, a game-changing addition that redefines comfort and convenience around the campsite.

 mountain camping adventure with free standing hammock

What is Hammock Camping?

Hammock camping involves replacing your traditional tent with a hammock for a comfortable outdoor sleep experience. Loved by backpackers for their lightweight and space-saving design, hammocks provide a unique vantage point, sparing campers the discomfort of uneven or rocky ground. All you need are a couple of sturdy trees, and you're ready to elevate your camping experience.

Essential Gear for Hammock Camping

Whether you're enhancing your existing hammock or opting for a prepackaged "hammock tent" system, a few key components are essential:

Hammock: The centerpiece of your camping setup, prioritizing comfort and weight.

Suspension System: Use wide, tree-friendly straps to avoid damage to tree bark and simplify setup. With Mock One hammock, no trees will be needed and it doesn’t have the potential of damaging trees

portable folding hammock with stand for camping

Sleeping Pad or Underquilt: Prevent heat loss underneath with an insulating underquilt or a sleeping pad.

Rain Tarp: The hammock's equivalent of a tent's rainfly, providing shelter from the elements.

beach camping with free standing hammock with rain tarp and mosquito net

Bug Netting: Protect yourself from insects with a bug net that fits over your hammock.

free standing portable hammock with mosquito net for camping

With Samsara model of Mock One hammock, youll get everything you need in one step and in one package.

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Setting Up Your Hammock For Camping

Achieving a proper hammock setup involves choosing an appropriate spot, being a responsible tree steward, and employing basic geometry skills to ensure optimal comfort. The Mock One Hammock, with its easy setup and versatility, seamlessly integrates into this process, enhancing your overall camping convenience.

 folding hammock with stand for backyard camping

Rain and Bug Shelter Setup

Setting up a ridgeline for your rain tarp and bug net requires attention to detail. The Mock One Hammock, designed for hassle-free use, complements this process, allowing you to enjoy a bug-free and rain-protected camping experience.

free standing hammock with rain tarp and mosquito net

Tips for Sleeping Comfortably

To ensure a good night's sleep, lie slightly off-kilter in your hammock, experiment with the right pillow, and utilize the storage space beneath for essentials. The Mock One Hammock, with its ergonomic design, further enhances your sleeping comfort, making it an invaluable addition to your camping gear.


As we embrace the allure of hammock camping, the Mock One Hammock stands out as a revolutionary companion, elevating your outdoor adventures. By understanding the essentials and following simple guidelines, you can transform your camping experience into a comfortable and enjoyable escapade. Embrace the freedom of hammock camping, and let the Mock One Hammock redefine the way you relax in the great outdoors.

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