How to Go Backyard Camping

Family camping trips are my favorite part of summer.

But with campground closures in many states due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s uncertain when we’ll return to camping as normal again, despite many states slowly reopening campgrounds.

If you’re getting as antsy for camping as me, backyard camping can give you a taste of the great outdoors from the safety of your own backyard. Whether no campgrounds near you are open, you plan to introduce children to camping for the first time, or you simply want to test out your new gear, a night or two camping in your backyard is a real treat.  

You don’t have to do camping all the way in Ireland to have a good time. Simply camping in your back yard can be a breeze.

Here’s how to go backyard camping this summer.  

Gather Your Gear

Get all your camping gear together before setting up camp. One nice thing about sticking to the backyard is that you don’t need to check and double check your family camping checklist. It’s also an excellent opportunity to spend a little extra time inspecting each piece of gear in case anything needs to repairs or updating before hitting an actual campground.

Set Up Camp with Your Kids 

If you have children, let them be part of the campsite setup process. Teach them how to pitch the tent, inflate air pads, and unroll sleeping pads. Show them how to stake down the tent for high winds and put on the rainfly for camping in the rain.

Turn Camping into Glamping

Camping close to home makes glamping even easier. Hang string lights, throw up a projector screen, bring out cozy blankets instead of sleeping bags, kick back in a hammock, and enjoy this special time with your family.

Take a Neighborhood Adventure 

Combine backyard camping with another local outdoor activity. Take a walk around the neighborhood, spend time in a nearby forest identifying plants and animals, go on a bike ride – just make sure you follow all coronavirus best practices. Our guide to safe outdoor activities during the coronavirus pandemic is a must read!

Cook Camping Meals

Delicious camping meals are one of the best parts of camping. Of course, a campfire is your best bet if allowed in your local area, but grilling up some food on a barbecue or even your camping stove is a close second. I mean, c’mon, what’s camping without the s’mores!

Plan Fun Camping Activities 

Plan some fun camping activities beforehand so everyone stays entertained and no one wants to go back inside. Sitting around a campfire is fantastic in its own right, but telling campfire stories, playing flashlight tag, and stargazing (especially during a meteor shower) make backyard camping even better!

The Mock One Is Great for Backyard Camping!

Hammock or no hammock, backyard camping is a great time for the whole family.

But throw a hammock into the mix – namely, the Mock ONE – for even more comfort, fun, and relaxation. 

The Mock ONE reigns supreme as one of the most comfortable and easiest to use portable hammocks on the market thanks to its all-in-one folding design, robust construction, and compact footprint.

Thanks to the built-in frame, there’s no need to hang this hammock from a tree or a stand – just unfold (like a camping chair) and get your #adventurenap on in seconds!

Take your backyard camping to the next level with a Mock ONE hammock

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