How to Create an Indoor Hammock Oasis

Stuck inside the house right now?

Luckily, every home from the smallest studio apartment to the largest country estate (and everything in between) can quickly and easily (and affordably!) be transformed into an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation by adding in an indoor hammock and a few additional accessories.

Transport yourself to an oasis of indoor hammocking tranquility with the following tips.

Hang Your Hammock Indoors 

To me, there’s nothing quite as peaceful as hanging in my hammock. Of course, I prefer to do so outside in nature when possible but hammocking indoors is almost just as enjoyable. Take care to safely hang your hammock indoors, especially if you must mount it to the ceiling or walls. A Mock ONE makes things even easier thanks to the built-in hammock stand and portable design – not to mention the Mock ONE is extremely comfortable!    

Set Up String Lights & Lanterns

Not much creates as relaxing of an atmosphere as string lighting. Personally, for daytime indoor hammock relaxation, I prefer bright lighting, especially natural lighting, if possible. But when things start to darken up in the evenings, string lights are the way to go. Sometimes though, I aim for a camping ambiance by setting up my camping lanterns near my hammock – you can even make indoor s’mores for the full indoor camping experience!

Surround Yourself with Plants

One of my favorite ways to bring the outdoors indoors is by surrounding myself with plants. Not only do plants help create a calming atmosphere, but they’ve even been shown to boost mood and reduce stress. Although pretty much any plant (even fresh cut flowers) will add life to your hammock oasis, air-purifying plants like snake plant, spider plant, and pothos are among my very favorite.

Open Your Windows

Fresh air immediately makes your home feel more refreshing. Crack open your windows to ventilate your home to let fresh air in and stale out air. While there’s no magical “fresh air cure,” it’s certainly been linked to improved mood and reduced anxiety.

Light Some Candles

Candles help create a cozy atmosphere in many ways. First and foremost is the warm lighting that they emit. Secondly, their delicate scents can further transform your indoor oasis. I personally prefer a light refreshing scent like citrus while hammocking indoors but a seemingly unlimited number of varieties are available.

Consider Adding a Fountain

The sound of running water is a must for my indoor hammock oasis. Sure, you can always find audio of running water online, but I prefer the real thing. Affordable tabletop fountains are available as are DIY indoor fountain kits. That trickle of water is incredibly soothing – especially if you’re an apartment dweller looking for a taste of your nature fix!

Listen to Your Favorite Relaxing Music

One of my favorite things to do while hanging out in my hammock is listen to relaxing music. I’ve been into lo-fi beats (like Chilled Cow) lately but also always find myself coming back to gentle piano music. Whatever type of music you prefer for chilling out, know that music has been linked to numerous physical and mental health benefits.

Enjoy Your Favorite Snacks & Drinks

My perfect idea of relaxation isn’t complete without my favorite snacks and drinks. Tea is an obvious choice to promote relaxation. Chamomile is my favorite tea to reduce stress and anxiety. Of course, you might prefer a delicious cocktail, a glass of wine, or your favorite beer for chilling out in your indoor hammock oasis. Move a side table near your hammock to keep drinks, snacks, and other essentials handy.

Add in Comfortable Pillows & Blankets

The name of the game is coziness when it comes to my hammock oasis. Layer in your favorite blankets and maybe even try a pillow for an extra boost of comfort. A blanket is all but essential when it comes to napping in your hammock!

Mock with Your Family & Pets

Most hammocks only fit one user at a time – but that doesn’t mean you have to mock alone! Set up several hammocks in the same room to kick back with your family in style. I hammock indoors so often that my cat and small dog are comfortable enough joining me. You can even try out a two-person hammock if you prefer to cuddle up next to your partner in your relaxation oasis.

Create a Blanket Fort

Especially if you have children, building a blanket fort is a super fun way to take your indoor hammock oasis to a whole new level (although blanket forts are fun for all ages!). Make sure to hang your blankets high enough to cover your hammock completely. 

Try Sleeping in Your Hammock Overnight

Sleeping in a hammock is totally possible. In fact, with the right hammock, it’s downright comfortable! To make the most of your indoor hammock oasis, why not use our hammock sleeping tips to see what you think of the overnight hammocking experience? This is especially fun if you have young kids!  

Take Your Hammock Oasis Outside

Don’t let your hammock oasis be restricted to the inside of your house. With a portable hammock, like the Mock ONE, it’s easy to move your hammock from indoors to outdoors in just seconds! Create a hammock oasis in your backyard, on your porch, or on your balcony for outdoor relaxation on sunny days.

The Mock ONE Is a Great Indoor Hammock!

Our list of the best indoors hammocks breaks down the five best indoor hammocks available in 2020. But, of course, the Mock ONE comes out on top! Not only is it among the most comfortable on the market, but it’s built-in stand and easy portability make it an ideal option for using both indoors and outdoors. It even folds down small for great storage in small apartments.  

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