Everything You Need to Know About Hammock Stands

To lie on a hammock is to relax, contemplate, and take a break from the busy world for just a moment or two. There is no better feeling than to cozy up in a hammock with a book, phone, or nothing but the thoughts in your head.

There is one major issue with many hammocks: they don’t come with a stand. Finding a place to hang a hammock is tough. You need to find trees the right distance from one another and straps with just enough tension and friction. 

Hammocks that only come with straps certainly have their advantages -- if you’re on a multi-day backpacking trip and you’re trying to minimize your pack’s weight, a hammock and strap system will be lighter and smaller than hammocks with a stand.  

Besides long backpacking trips though, hammocks with stands are advantageous to hammocks with straps. They can be set up literally anywhere, are far easier on your back, and are generally much more comfortable. 

This post will feature everything you need to know about hammock stands, a few of the best hammock stands on the market today, and the 5 best hammocks with stands.

Everything You Need to Know About Hammock Stands 

To clarify, hammock straps are are a material that you rope through your hammock and tie around tree trunks, poles, or any other vertical structure that is strong enough to hold your weight and that will hold enough friction to keep your hammock and you above the ground. 

They are lightweight, relatively easy to use, and are designed to minimize harm on tree bark, but finding a vertical structure to hold your hammock could be a hassle. 

Hammock stands are wooden or metal stands that you can simply hook and unhook your hammock over. They are relatively mobile, lightweight, and usually somewhat stylish. They are literally designed to use with hammocks, so you don’t need to worry about your hammock slipping or not being able to find the right fit. Hammock stands are designed to support anywhere from 250 to 500 pounds.

Hammock stands aren’t always as portable as a hammock and strap system and they can take up quite a bit of space. Some hammock stands are around 5 feet wide and 10 or more feet long. There are some lighter weight exceptions, like the Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE, which is one of the few hammocks with a lightweight folding stand on the market.

Wooden Hammock Stands

Wooden hammock stands are an excellent choice for a household or backyard. Wood stands are usually quite heavy, so they are better fit to be a house fixture than an on-the-move type of hammock stand. Because wood can easily warp and rot, your hammock stand will need to be sealed and stained on a regular basis. Staining wood stands is important to prolong its life, but it also adds a touch of elegance.

Metal Hammock Stands

Metal hammock stands are usually lower maintenance than wood stands. The exception are stands made from non stainless steel metal, which can rust and ruin easily. Cheaper hammock stands are often made with non stainless steel material, but it might be worth paying more if you want to get a lot of use out of your hammock stand. 

Stainless steel stands are sturdy, durable, and sometimes collapsable. Aluminum frames also exist. They are more portable and weigh less than steel hammock stands, but they are not always as durable.

Portable Hanging Stands

Portable hanging stands are collapsible and either made of aluminum, steel, or fiberglass. They are designed to be more lightweight than hammock stands that act as fixtures. They range anywhere from $50 to over $250, depending on weight, durability, and its folded size. Most portable hanging stands come with a carrying case, perfect for short hikes.

Hammock Stand Spreader Bars

Some hammock stands come with spreader bars, which are designed to keep your hammock flat as it lays in the stand. They are usually made of nylon, plastic, or wood. Spreader bars are ideal if you don’t want to be wrapped around in your hammock, but they do make the hammock prone to tipping and are thus a bad idea if you are going to spend time napping or sleeping overnight in your hammock

Best Hammock Stand Comparison Chart

In the next couple sections, I will review 5 hammock stands to give you an idea of the different materials and price range among the many hammock stands that exist today. In the table below, you’ll be able to quickly able to glance over the hammock stands. A more in depth review below will analyze each stand in further detail. 

The table will indicate the make and model, material, weight capacity, and the price of each hammock stand. 

Make and Model


Weight Capacity


ENO Nomad


300 pounds


Petra Leisure Wooden Arc


450 pounds



Powder-coated steel

1200 pounds


Project One Hammock Stand

Heavy-duty 12-gauge steel

500 pounds


Lazy Daze Hammock Stand




The Best Hammock Stands Reviewed

The following hammock stands are reputable, durable, and varied to accommodate different tastes. To be clear, many all-in-one hammocks with stands exist that are often better designed and more lightweight than stands that come separately. If you are interested in an all-in-one package, you can skip over this section to read about the Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE, Samsara, and other hammock with stand packages.

ENO Nomad

ENO Nomad

ENO makes some of the best hammocks and hammock stands on the market today. The Nomad is an excellent aluminum hammock stand that folds and, at 15 pounds, isn’t impossibly heavy or unrealistic to carry around. The Nomad comes with integrated cargo loops, so no worries about having to bring your own S-hooks to install on the stand. 

The biggest drawback of the ENO Nomad its price. At $249.95, the stand itself is more expensive than most all-in-one hammock and stand packages. While the stand is certainly worth the money, it might be a better choice to look at an all-in-one package that is lightweight and foldable. 

Petra Leisure Wooden Arc 

Petra Leisure Wooden Arc

The Petra Leisure Wooden Arc is an excellent option for your backyard, patio, or living room. At 14 feet long, the stand is heavy and definitely not designed for a hiking trip. If you’re looking for a household figure though, this is a great stand. The wood is stained and water treated, so you will not have to worry about warp or rot anytime soon.

The stand fits hammocks that are anywhere from 9 to 11 feet in length. Two 20-inch chains and four 3-inch spring hooks are provided to hang your hammock. At $229, the hammock stand isn’t the cheapest option on this list, but if you’re paying for a wood hammock stand you should make sure that your stand is treated and stained.



The ENOpod is, at first glance, not your average hammock stand. The powder-coated steel hammock stands fit 3 hammocks and up to 1,200 pounds of weight, meaning that you can probably double up people on at least one hammock before being over the weight capacity. 

If your family or friend group loves to hammock together, the ENOpod is a great fit. It will fit well in your backyard or at a campsite. The ENOpod has toolless assembly, meaning no complicated instruction manuals that seem to take the fun away from the product.

The hammock stand breaks down into 12 pieces for portability. Weighing 101 pounds total, you won’t want to be walking long distances with the hammock stand, but it will easily fit in your trunk as you take the hammock stand from place to place.

The ENOpod comes with steel carabiners that work with any ENO hammock. This hammock stand is a little extra, but considering the price of three single hammock stands, it’s actually a generally affordable product. 

Project One Hammock Stand

Project One Hammock Stand

The Project One hammock stand isn’t very pretty, but it works. At $108.99, this hammock stand is affordable and an easy choice for people who don’t want to shell out any more money on a hammock stand, or for people who don’t know how much they will use the stand.

The stand is made of heavy-duty 12-gauge steel and has spring pins that reinforce the stability of the interlocking poles. Built with durable vinyl end caps, the hammock stand won’t be damaged by bugs or water.  The hammock stand is powder-coated which makes the steel rust-resistant and protected against wind and rain. 

The hammock’s heavy-gauge hanging hooks are compatible with any hammock. The stand is also easy to set up -- it will arrive partially assembled and won’t require any tools for the rest of its assembly. If that sounds like too much for you still, the hammock will come already completely assembled for an extra cost of $102.59. 

Lazy Daze Hammock Stand

Lazy Daze Hammock Stand

The Lazy Daze Hammock Stand is our 2nd wooden hammock stand on this list. To be sure, wooden stands are pretty. They’re not always as light or as portable as aluminum or steel options, but they often times look quite a bit better on a patio. The hammock stand is 44 pounds and awkward to move around, so you may need somebody’s help to move it. 

At $129.99, it is by far the cheaper of the 2 wooden hammock stands on the list. Made of Russian pine, the stand is coated with varnished to protect it from fading. The product is not water treated though, so this is something you’ll have to do yourself unless you want to store the hammock stand on dewy nights and rainy days. 

The hammock stand requires complete assembly, but the package includes the tools required to assemble the product. Heavy-duty hanging loops are compatible with all hammocks. The stand will support 450 pounds, so you can probably double up with somebody on this hammock. 

Hammocks with Stand 

Hammock stands are on the opposite end of the spectrum as hammocks with straps or rope. They are often heavy and take a while to assemble, but they aren’t always portable or backpacking friendly.

Thankfully, all-in-one hammock stands and hammock packages exist somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Some are portable and won’t give you too much of a hassle camping or hiking with them, while others are more bulky and heavy, and thus better suited to remain a fixture than to be moved around. 

The rest of the post will give you several options for hammocks with stands. The hammocks and stands each vary in material, price, build quality, and weight. 

Hammocks with Stand Comparison Chart

The table below will give you a quick rundown of 5 of the best hammock with stand packages. The categories indicate make and model, hammock material, stand material, weight capacity, and price. 

Make and Model

Hammock Material

Stand Material

Weight Capacity


Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE

Parachute nylon

Durable coated steel

250 pounds


Republic of Durable Goods Samsara

Parachute nylon

Durable coated steel

250 pounds


KingCamp Lightweight Hammock Bed

Ripstop 300D Oxford cloth

Aluminum alloy

264 pounds


AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock With Stand

53% polyester, 33% cotton, 11% rayon, 3% nylon

Heavy duty steel

400 pounds


SunnyDaze Hand-Woven 2 Person Mayan Hammock with Stand

80% cotton, 20% nylon

Heavy Duty Steel

400-660 pounds


The Best Hammocks with Stand Reviewed

I will now go a little more in depth about each hammock with stand. Some hammocks with stand are appropriate for a night in the woods or a day at your local park. Others are obviously more difficult to take apart and put back together -- these are the hammocks that are best to leave at a house.

To be clear, lightweight hammocks that come with straps like the ENO DoubleNest are going to be cheaper and more portable than hammocks that come with a stand. While they don’t come with pillows and sunshades like many of the hammocks listed below, they are relatively comfortable and weigh a pound or less. 

The issue, of course, is that depending where you are, a hammock with straps might be a huge hassle to set up. In the forests, you should be okay -- between the many trees standing, you’ll surely find a good spot to set up your hammock. On the other hand, despite manufacturers designing their straps to be as harmless as possible to tree bark, more and more cities are passing ordinances prohibiting using hammock straps in their forests. In any case, this is still a minority of cities.

The bigger problem is that you can’t set up a hammock with straps on the beach, in many parks, and other areas with a lack of trees. Camping hammock with straps are excellent, but only in certain areas. Hammocks with stands are perhaps not quite as portable, but they’re simply the only option to use in many places. 

For that reason, hammocks with stands are preferable to hammocks with straps in many cases. Companies like Republic of Durable Goods are constantly seeking to design the most lightweight, camping friendly, and comfortable hammock with stand out there. Other hammocks with stands are more suited for the house.

Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE

The Mock ONE hammock with stand is at the top of our list for good reason. It is durable, relatively lightweight for a hammock with stand package, affordable, and easy to assemble. The hammock stand is great for the beach, the river, the lake, the cabin, concerts, festivals, camping, RV, and the backyard. No worries about trees or long, flat surfaces when you’re using the Mock ONE. 

If you feel like getting away, the Mock ONE is a great choice. It folds up into an 11"L x 6"W x 33"H package, which is manageable on pretty long trails, especially considering the total weight of 14.5 pounds. 

Built with 210T parachute nylon, the hammock material is extremely durable and stronger than the more widely used 75D nylon. The durable coated steel free standing hammock frame is easy to assemble and is designed to minimize scratching. 

The feet of the hammock stand are removable, allowing for compact storage. 

The Mock ONE is truly an all-in-one setup. The hammock with stand is built with integrated pillows and spreader bars. Comfort and convenience of the Mock ONE -- it is easy to set up, easy to pack up, and even easier to sleep in or read your book all day. 

The hammock’s built-in stand enables you to use it anywhere and everywhere, no trees required. The adjustable sun shade provides maximum protection from the hot sun too. And if you’re trying to tan, simply remove the sunshade and you’ll bronze in a heartbeat. 

Purchase The Mock ONE Here.

Republic of Durable Goods Samsara

The Samsara is not just a hammock with stand. It is your complete camping hammock experience that folds into a single bag. Just like the Mock ONE, the Samsara can be used anywhere and everywhere -- the beach, the river, the lake, the cabin, concerts, festivals, camping, RV, and the backyard.

The Samsara is essentially the Mock ONE made for camping. Featuring a top quilt, under quilt, shade net, pillow, big sticks, mosquito net, tarp, and deluxe carry bag to transport the whole package, the Samsara is an effective and relatively affordable camping solution.

A hammock might not be quite as sturdy to sleep in as a sleeping bag, but some people prefer the swingy feel of hammocks. To be sure, the Samsara gets rid of the greatest annoyances of sleeping in a hammock.

A top quilt and underquilt ensure that you will be warm, avoiding cold winds that pass between your underside and the ground and removing the threat of mosquitos, who love stinging you under the hammock. A shade net and tarp keeps you dry and undamaged by the sun, as effective as a tent. 

Perhaps the greatest part of the Samsara is that it is essentially a sleeping bag, tent, and sleeping pad in one single product. No worries about where you’ll pack every component of your camping adventure -- with the Samsara, everything fits into a single bag.

Purchase The Samsara Here.

KingCamp Lightweight Hammock Bed

KingCamp Lightweight Hammock Bed

The KingCamp Lightweight Hammock Bed is a bit of a misnomer -- it is at least as close to a raised cot as it is to a hammock. In any case, it is a comparable product to the Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE. It weighs a few ounces less, but the Ripstop 300D Oxford cloth is neither as comfortable nor as durable as that of the Mock ONE.

The hammock bed is designed to comfortably accommodate people up to 6’2” tall. A large capacity side pocket keeps your necessities - snacks, books, water, phone, in reach. The side pocket has a second utility -- fold the carrying bag and put it into the pillowcase, and suddenly you have a pillow. The obvious drawback is that you cannot have a pillow and a side pocket in use at once.

The hammock stand is built with a high strength 7075 alloy frame and double thickening spray to ensure high stability and a durable setup that will not degrade because of the elements.

The KingCamp Lightweight Hammock Bed is simple to use -- it is designed to unpack and set up in minutes. No tools are required for either assembly or disassembly. The KingCamp hammock bed is perfect for home, camping, hiking, mountaineering, your backyard, or to sleep outside by your car on a long distance road trip. 

At $199.99, the KingCamp Lightweight Hammock Bed is the most comparable product to the Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE on this list, but it doesn’t feature the comfort and additional features that the Mock ONE offers.

AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock With Stand

AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock With Stand

The AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock with Stand is the most affordable hammock with stand on the list. While perhaps not as comfortable or portable as many of the other hammocks, this is a great bargain hammock with stand that is a great starting point for people who don’t care to spend much more on a hammock.

The hammock with stand has a 400 pound capacity, and the high-quality fabric of the hammock is large enough to fit 2 people. The space-saving steel stand is made of heavy duty steel. At 9 feet long, the stand is smaller than many others, so you won’t have to worry about fitting the AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock with Stand in small spaces.

The 53% polyester, 33% cotton, 11% rayon, and 3% nylon fabric is comfortable but not resistant to the weather. You’ll want to move the hammock on rainy days and dewy nights to prevent mildew from building up. It also isn’t clear that the heavy duty steel stand is weather resistant. 

The hammock comes with all parts, and tools for assembly are included. 

This hammock with stand is built to be generally light and portable, but it certainly isn’t not a hammock that you’ll want to take with you on multi-day camping trips. It is better suited for your sunroom, patio, or backyard in a single place. You can take it to a beach or campsite, but it won’t be as easy to set up as many other hammocks. 

SunnyDaze Hand-Woven 2 Person Mayan Hammock with Stand

SunnyDaze Hand-Woven 2 Person Mayan Hammock with Stand

Lastly, the SunnyDaze Hand-Woven 2 Person Mayan Hammock with Stand is an excellent and very comfortable hammock. It is hand-woven and inspired by hammocks used in Central America, which people use to laze about all day. 

The SunnyDaze Mayan Hammock is large enough for 2 people, especially because the cotton and nylon blend is very stretchy. This style of hammock is known to cocoon the people inside, so it’s sometimes better to lie down diagonal if you’re alone unless you want to be wrapped up in the bottom of the hammock.

This is a great backyard or sunroom hammock. It provides the perfect place to read a book, gaze at the stars, or take a long nap with the sound of birds in your ear. The hammock chains connect to the S-curve on the hammock stand, so you won’t be confused setting up the hammock.  

The hammock with stand is not light -- weighing around 55 pounds total, this isn’t the most portable of hammocks. The 15’ tubular black powder-coated steel stand is sturdy, but you’re not going to want to move it around every day. The steel stand is relatively weather resistant, but you’ll want to be careful about getting the cotton and nylon hammock wet. Mildew can be resolved, but the hammock itself is pretty easy to detach and fold up on especially rainy days.


There’s no feeling as good as lying in a hammock and pushing your cares away for the day. Weather in Southeast Asia, the Amazon, or the United States of America, hammocking is a great joy that we all love. Some cultures use hammocks as beds, others use hammocks as a leisurely and comfortable place to lie down for a moment or 2.

Buying the right hammock for you takes some work, but it’s worth it. It’s important to consider where you will want to use your hammock the most. If you exclusively want to use your hammock in a forest, a hammock with straps will do the job. If you exclusive want to hammock in your backyard, a hammock with stand, no matter how heavy, is all you need.

If you want to hammock in some mix of forests, deserts, your backyard, and anywhere along the road though, a lightweight portable hammock with stand is by far your best choice. They are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to assemble.  

They are also surprisingly affordable -- of all the hammocks on the list, the Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE is by far the best bang for your buck, considering its portability and the accessories that are included.

In any case, I wanted to provide a guide for various hammock stands and all-in-one hammock with stand packages. I hope that this review gave you an idea of the various products out there and the different uses of each product. I did not want to overwhelm readers with technical terms, but the content should provide a very good idea of the possibilities out there.

Happy hammocking -- don’t forget your bug spray and to put gas in your car if you’re going to some distant campsite. Hammocks are comfortable, but you’ll want gas to get back to the real world at some point, we think. 

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