The Best Portable Beach Hammocks

Seasoned beachgoers have a standing list of what to pack when heading to the shore. If your current beach bag list doesn’t include a portable beach hammock, your beach experience isn’t what it could be. Instead of laying on an uncomfortable sand-covered towel, moving with the sun, the tide, and the crowds, you could set up a relaxing camp for the whole day complete with hammocks, no trees necessary. 

Hammocks at the beach keep you off the sand until you want to be; comfortably suspended in the air. In places where sand fleas are a concern, you can still enjoy a beach day without the annoyance of itchy and painful bites. Nothing says lazy summer afternoon like a beach breeze. Combine it with the gentle sway of a hammock for unprecedented naps on the shore. 

Next summer, raise the chill factor of your beach-going gang with hammocks. Portable beach hammocks are easy to set up and rearrange for either talking with friends or taking in the scenery. 

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a portable hammock before. Just keep reading.

What is a Portable Beach Hammock

Portable hammocks don’t require trees. They set up in minutes (or seconds), for easy relaxation anywhere. Traditional hammocks hang from trees or posts. Getting the hanging points right is essential for comfort. If the distance between the trees or posts is too short, the hammock will sag and won’t provide adequate support for users. If the distance is too far then the hammock won’t be stable and will be difficult to get into and exit. 

Ideally, hammocks hang at 30 degrees for maximum comfort. Tough to calculate when tying a hammock to whatever trees are available. Portable beach hammocks come with a standard frame. There are two main kinds of portable beach hammocks:

  • Frame and hammock together: No assembly. 
  • Frame separate: Some assembly. 

If the hammock is permanently attached to the frame, there’s no assembly required. You just fold out the frame when you get to your campsite or beach spot. For a separate frame and hammock, there is usually some assembly required for the frame. Poles come together either with bolts, knobs, or push pins. On the plus side, you can hang any hammock from an assembled frame. However, it takes minutes instead of seconds to get set up or packed up at the beach.  

Where to Use Portable Beach Hammocks

Obviously, portable beach hammocks are designed for the beach. But once you own one you’ll find you can use it all year round. Especially because they break down to fit into small carry cases, storage is minimal; just pull one out when the need strikes. A few places to set up your portable beach hammock:

  • Backyard: No need to go all the way to the beach to relax in the sun. A portable hammock sets up fast in the backyard for a quick tanning session, an afternoon nap, or just relaxing with the family. 
  • Camping: Even if you already have a camp chair, a portable hammock is essential. You can sit in the short way or lie down on it to relax. For warm summer nights, combine a portable hammock with a bug net and you can sleep beneath the stars. 
  • Outdoor concerts: Relax completely in a portable hammock while enjoying outdoor music. Sit down with friends the short way and use attached pockets to keep track of cell phones and water bottles.
  • Park and Picnics: Portable beach hammocks are ideal for families with young kids who need to go down for a nap. They set up quickly for additional seating, or pair with a blanket for young kids to lie down a catch a quick nap without having to leave the park.  
  • Patios and Decks: Small city backyards and decks don’t have the space for outdoor furniture year-round. Instead, use a portable beach hammock to enjoy the outdoors and collapse it into its carrying case for storage after use. 
  • Unexpected Overnight Guests: Whether you’re in a cramped city apartment, or just don’t have enough spare beds for surprise guests, portable hammocks are like a murphy bed in your closet. They set up quickly, and with a blanket and pillow they become a cozy bed in a pinch.
  • Festivals: Finding seating at outdoor festivals can take up more time than the festivities. Carrying a lightweight portable hammock brings comfortable seating with you. If you’re working festivals as a vendor, a portable hammock in your tent adds extra seating or a place to catch some light sleep.  

Portable Beach Hammocks vs. Traditional Hammock

It’s true that nothing beats traditional hammocks for compact and lightweight sleeping arrangements. Traditional hammocks hang in just a few minutes, weigh scarce pounds and are far superior to sleeping on the ground. But, plenty of camping situations don’t have trees or places to hang a hammock. Especially at the beach. 

Hammocks beat sleeping on the ground, they keep you & your clothes cleaner, and keep you away from bugs and pests. In the summer, you’re surrounded by a breeze while sleeping to reduce overheating. Portable beach hammocks provide the frame, so there’s no hunting for trees. On the beach, portable hammocks guarantee you can set up camp wherever you want.

Portable hammocks come with more features than traditional hammocks. Frames easily adapt to provide sunscreens and pockets for keeping track of valuables. Whether camping or just staying the day there’s no comparison between portable beach hammocks and traditional ones.

How To Set Up A Hammock On The Beach

Best Portable Beach Hammocks

Mock One Portable Beach Hammock

This model includes both stand and hammock together. It’s easy to transport once it folds up compact and is lightweight at 14.5 pounds. The Mock One is made with cozy parachute nylon, and it comes with a variety of added accessories for luxury. Hanging pouches hold snacks and drinks off the ground. A sunshade protects up to UPF 50+ and adjusts to shield your face as the sun moves. The padded ends of the hammock act as a pillow and a cushion for feet. 

There’s also a bug net provided to keep out sand fleas, mosquitoes, or no-see-ums. It sets up and breaks down in just a few seconds. Special extender feet provide extra stability, especially on uncertain terrain like sandy beaches. Rated for users up to 6’4” and 200 lbs, you can use it either as a hammock chair by sitting across it or lying in it as a solo hammock.

Check Out The Mock ONE Here. 

Giantex Portable Hammock with Stand

This folding hammock is rated for up to 264 lbs, and constructed from durable oxford fabric. The hooks at the ends of the hammock fully extend for easier balancing while getting in and out of the hammock. It’s suspended from a powder-coated steel frame, which is weather and rust-resistant. Don’t worry about exposing it to sand and salt air.

The frame collapses down to fit inside of a carrying bag and weighs 19 lbs. The carrying back comes with backpack straps, so it’s comfortable to carry it distances, just wear it as a pack. You can either sit in it like a camp chair or lie down in it as a hammock. The fabric portion stores separately from the frame, but assembly is easy. Just loop the rings in the fabric hammock to the hooks in the metal frame. This model comes in two colors, either red or black.

Vivere Double Hammock with Steel Stand  

The Vivere has a variety of colors and fabric options to get a hammock that matches your existing beach gear. The fabric options are cotton, mesh, polyester, and patented Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is weather-resistant, and readily able to hold up to the sun, sand, and salt of the beach. It’s colored with dyes down to the core of the fabric, so it still looks bright after years of usage. 

All fabrics are rated to accommodate two adults, up to 450 lbs. It hangs from a zinc-coated steel frame, protected from the elements and rust. The frame is adjustable to set the height of the hammock to your preference. The stand assembles in a few minutes and doesn’t require any tools. Disassembled it fits into a canvas bag with handles for easy transportation. Vivere offers several accessories to go with the hammock, including a weather-proof sleeve for the hammock itself. They also sell tree straps and hook sets for attaching the hammock to trees and posts. Or, mobility wheels for the frame to make the hammock portable even while assembled. 

Mac Sports Portable Fold Up Hammock

Mac Sports

This portable hammock is rated up to 250 lbs. It hangs from a powder-coated steel frame that will resist salt and sand at the beach. There’s an easy to assemble canopy frame built into the hammock frame. With the added canopy it protects individuals from the sun all day long. The heavy dusty fabric comprises mesh accents so you stay cool and comfortable as breezes pass through the hammock. 

The stand unfolds in just a few seconds, with additional time to hook the hammock into place and set up the canopy if desired. It refolds in just a few more seconds to fit into the carry bag. At just over 30 lbs, it weighs slightly more than other similar models. Positioned fully opened, the hammock is easy to balance on while getting in and out. Use it either as a chair by sitting across it or with the included cushion as a single person hammock. The model comes in blue with gray accents or gray with blue accents.    link

Zenithen Limited Guidesman Portable Hammock

The Zenithen is made from lightweight powder-coated steel. It’s rated up to 225 lbs, with the hammock made from blue polyester fabric. There isn’t a sun canopy, but the hammock has a built-in cup holder to keep drinks close at hand and away from the sand. The base has a second smaller hammock for keeping track of sunscreen, sunglasses, and books.

Hanging from the hammock itself is a mesh pouch for snacks and whatever else you need within arm's reach. There’s even an included cushion for resting your head.  The hammock fully extends for easy balancing while getting in and out, and work well as both a chair and a place to lie down. It collapses in seconds to fit back inside the carry bag for easy transport. The frame and hammock weigh just under 30 lbs.

ONCLOUD Double Hammock with Steel Stand


The steel stand for this hammock is both powder coated to stand up to the elements and has plastic caps on the tubing to prevent sand from becoming trapped and falling out once it’s back in the car. The hammock is double wide with a 300 lb weight capacity. The hammock is a traditional design, so you can use it with hooks or tree straps and with the stand.  The stand assembles without tools, just by twisting knobs to lock the steel pieces into place. It sets up or breaks down in 10 minutes, and the frame comes with a carrying case for easy transportation to the next spot. 

The hammock is made from durable cotton and polyester in four different patterns. Its recommended usage is for sitting the short way for two people. By lying down within the hammock, it creates a cocoon, surrounding the user. Maybe a good thing if everyone at the beach is annoying you? 

Best Choice Portable Indoor/Outdoor Hammock

Best Choice

The steel powder-coated frame holds up to year-round weather, including sand and salt for the season after season. Best Choice designed the hammock is for two people to sit in it the short way across. Cocooning will happen if users lie down in the long way. It’s rated up to 450 lbs, and the heavy-duty cotton comes in four different patterns to blend in with any style.

Fabric is durable enough that dogs and cats can use it without the risk of ripping.  The frame assembles with a few bolts and disassembles in minutes to fit into a nylon carry case for transportation and storage. The hammock hooks into the steel frame, but also works with tree straps or hooks bolted into place. You can use the same hammock both at home and at the beach.

TechFaith Double Hammock

This model is designed with multiple users in mind. It’s durable and resistant to weather and strenuous use. Post to post the frame is 9 feet long. The powder-coated steel frame has plastic end caps to prevent sand from getting inside the frame. The frame includes multiple places to hang the hooks for fully customizable hammock height.

The hammock itself is made from cotton and comes in three distinctive patterns. You can also use the hammock with tree straps or permanent hooks by unhooking it from the portable frame. The frame itself sets up in just minutes and disassembles easily into a carry bag. Because the frame is resistant to rust, leave the frame in the bag during storage and just take it out when it’s time to reassemble at the next beach day. 

AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock with Stand

Amazon Basics Hammock

The AmazonBasics model is a 9-foot steel stand that assembles from its carrying case in just a few minutes. A double hammock comes in a single print, rated up to a 400 lb. capacity. The fabric is a blend of cotton, polyester, rayon, and nylon to be durable and withstand use in all weather year after year. Users don’t need to worry about this hammock ripping after just one beach season.

Assembling the stand doesn’t require additional tools. Just screw a few bolts into place. The hammock hooks onto the frame, but you can also use it with tree straps or posts in permanent locations. This hammock is ideal for multiple people to sit across it the short way to people watch, read, or soak up the sun.

HoverSeat Folding Beach Hammock

Hover Seat

This super lightweight portable beach hammock weighs just 10 lbs, making it easy to carry with a beach bag to the perfect day camp spot. Push pins assemble and break-down the frame. It sets up and breaks down fast; no keeping track of bolts. It fits into a nylon carry bag with carry straps, so transport is easy. The curved frame sinks into sand or grass by design to keep the hammock balanced.

The included hammock is inexpensive and HoverSeat recommends using a heavier duty hammock to prevent ripping after multiple seasons. Any hammock will work with the hooks on the frame. If the hammock is hanging to close to the ground, tie additional knots in the cords to lift the hammock higher. The frame is rated to 200 lbs and meant for a single user. The overall length of the frame is 9 feet, but it disassembles to just 42.55 inches long. This portable beach hammock is ideal for throwing into your trunk or beach bag and to pull out whenever you need it.

Better Relaxation with Portable Hammocks

Instant relaxation, with a cool beverage in hand and a snack within arm’s reach, is a lot easier with a portable beach hammock. They’re great outdoor seating for the beach while camping, or even just in the backyard with friends and family. When shopping for the best portable beach hammock, keep in mind some of these key features:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Set-up Time
  • Durability
  • Additional features

Depending on what you’ll be using the hammock for, the best model will be lightweight enough to carry from car to shore, and small enough that it won’t take up much space in storage or in the trunk of your car. It will set up quickly, and the fabric and frame will be durable enough to last year after year, not just one season. Added features can include sunscreens for shade wherever you are, cup holders, baskets for snacks and sunscreen, and stability feet for setting up on uneven sand. Get a portable beach hammock and spend next summer swinging in style on the shore. 

Here Are Some Great Beaches To Use Your Hammock :

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