Best 10 Backyard Gift Ideas for Christmas and New Year

As the holiday season approaches, consider spreading festive cheer by gifting items that enhance the outdoor experience. Here are 15 backyard gift ideas perfect for Christmas and New Year.

Phi Villa Outdoor Fire Table

Elevate the backyard ambiance with an outdoor fire table. This stylish and functional piece not only provides warmth but also serves as a focal point for gatherings. 

PHI VILLA 50,000 BTU Outdoor Rectangle Metal Gas Fire Pit Table W

 Mock One Hammock with Top and Under quilts

Create a relaxing oasis with the Mock One Hammock. Perfect for lazy afternoons and enjoying the crisp winter air with top and under quilts to keep warm. Some will choose Mock One Hammock as gifts for other holidays and festivals. Please check here for more if you're interested in. 

backyard gift ideas 2 bundle portable mock one hammock

Weaver Green Outdoor Blankets

Keep warm on chilly evenings with durable and stylish outdoor blankets. Opt for weather-resistant materials for longevity.

Oxford Stripe Dove Grey Blanket  Grey Striped Throw Blanket – Wea

Home Depot Bird Feeder

Encourage local wildlife with a decorative bird feeder. It's a delightful gift for nature lovers and adds charm to the backyard.

Three finches sit and eat from a hopper bird feeder with suet cag

Phi Villa Patio Heater

Extend outdoor entertaining into the colder months with a patio heater. Choose from freestanding or wall-mounted options.

PHI VILLA 41,000BTU Outdoor Terrafab Base Propane Patio Heater Wi 

Giant Jenga

Jenga is a wooden board game where small wooden blocks are stacked, and you try to remove them without knocking over the stack. Stack the blocks on the ground in rows of three, alternating which direction the blocks face on each layer.

Giant Jenga for backyard game ideas

Pottery Barn Outdoor Pillows

Enhance the comfort of outdoor seating with weather-resistant, cozy pillows. Choose festive colors to suit the holiday spirit.

Colby Reversible Striped Outdoor Pillows

Yamaha Outdoor Speaker

Set the mood with music by gifting a durable outdoor speaker. Perfect for entertaining or creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Yamaha NS-AW294 speakers for backyard outdoor

Solar-Powered Garden Lights

Illuminate pathways and garden beds with eco-friendly solar-powered lights. They are energy-efficient and create a charming ambiance.

ShapeLights Indoor  Outdoor USB Solar Powered Mood Light - Pebble

Stanley Insulated Drinkware

Keep beverages warm during outdoor gatherings with insulated drinkware. From mugs to wine glasses, there are various options available.

 Stanley Insulated Drinkware for holiday gift ideas

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of outdoor enjoyment. These backyard gift ideas for Christmas and New Year are sure to delight friends and family, transforming their outdoor spaces into cozy retreats.

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