13 Backyard Hammock Ideas To Maximize Your Relaxation

Technology empowers both adults and children to set and reach their goals. As a result, today’s households are busier than ever before. 

However, studies have shown that constant connection to electronic gadgets, smartphones, and computers are taking a toll on everyone’s mental health. 

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on trips to the spa to keep your sanity. You can bring the relaxing elements of your favorite spa home when you install a backyard hammock. 

Check out these 14 backyard hammock ideas that turn standard yards into more comfortable, relaxing outdoor living areas. 

#1 Let Your Children Unwind from Tree House Adventures with a Hammock

Backyard Treehouse

If you’re like most homeowners, your children take over your backyard during fair weather. You built them a custom treehouse to add to their outdoor enjoyment and to enhance the look of your property. 

Add a simple hammock at the base of the treehouse to give your children a fun place to relax after climbing in and out of their treetop fortress. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

This treehouse hammock offers a shaded place to rest after playing for hours in the sunshine. It serves as a special place to read, take a nap, or eat a snack outside. 

Set-Up Tips

Most treehouses are built on stilts for extra support. It’s often safer to suspend your hammock to these sturdy boards and not to surrounding trees that may not hold your child’s weight. Choosing a freestanding hammock such as the Mock One gives your child a safe, convenient alternative to a traditional hammock.

Who Will Love This Idea?

Children of all ages will love this treehouse hammock. Long after your child has outgrown the treehouse, they’ll likely still want to visit the hammock. 

#2 Backyard Movie Night Just Got More Fun with Outdoor Theater Hammocks

Backyard Movie Night

At a loss for ways to spice up family night. Why not set up a do-it-yourself outdoor movie theater? All that you’ll need for this project is a screen, a projector, and some seating. Get creative with the seating by mixing in Mock ONE hammocks, which can be used as seats or hammocks, with traditional chairs for a cozy evening of entertainment. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

Watching a single movie or a double feature showing while cradled in a hammock is much more comfortable than sitting for hours in a chair or on a blanket on the ground. 

Set-Up Tips

Find sturdy trees from which to suspend your hammocks. If your yard doesn’t have sturdy trees, consider placing freestanding hammocks such as the Mock One and Samsara hammocks throughout your theater’s seating area. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

While your children will undoubtedly race to get a hammock before the movie’s opening credits, it’s older adults who’ll likely thank you for adding hammocks to your outdoor theater. Lying in a hammock removes some of the pressure from tired muscles and joints.

#3 Join Your Cat for a Nap Among the Flowers with a Freestanding Hammock in a Garden

Garden Hammock

You can trust your cat’s instincts when it comes to finding a comfortable place to take a snooze. Following in the footsteps of your pet will often lead you straight to the garden. Why not install a hammock to make your cat nap really enjoyable?

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

The vivid colors of your garden’s flowers and the quiet sounds of nature ensure that the time that you spend laying in your hammock is sublime. 

Set-Up Tips

It’s a rare landscaped garden that’s blessed with shade trees that are situated just right for hammock installation. If your garden doesn’t have trees, install decorative but sturdy poles that will support your hammock. You can also opt for a freestanding hammock such as the Mock One

Who Will Love This Idea?

Busy moms will enjoy this scenic escape from indoor drama. Moms-to-be will also love this relaxing oasis that helps to relieve pressure points. 

#4 Create a Unique Lounge Area for an Outdoor Wedding with Pergola Hammocks

Outdoor Wedding

It’s your big day, and you’ve decided to have the wedding ceremony and reception on your family’s property. Creating a lounge area on the grounds using pergolas and hammocks will add to your guests’ comfort and the look of your wedding venue. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

Wedding guests must often sit for hours in uncomfortable chairs for an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. Suspending hammocks from decorative pergolas promotes muscle relaxation, soothes tired feet, and encourages cordial conversation. 

Set-Up Tips

Choose fabric hammocks that compliment your wedding colors, landscape features, and outdoor décor. Suspend four hammocks along the four sides of your pergola. Add a freestanding hammock in the center of the pergola if it’s large enough to accommodate one. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

You, your wedding guests, and your wedding photographer will love this unique wedding lounge space and seating idea. 

#5 Increase Seating Space on Your Patio with a Series of Hammocks

Patio Hammock

If you have a porch that spills out into your patio and garden, you have a unique opportunity to divide the outdoor living spaces with hammocks. Colorful cloth hammocks that enhance the shades of your patio’s pavers are also a great way to add extra seating to the area. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

Depending on the size of your patio, you probably rely on cushioned chairs and benches to accommodate the seating needs of your guests. Hammocks are relaxing to the guests who use them, and they make the space visually appealing to those who aren’t so fortunate to snag one to lay in. 

Set-Up Tips

Porches often have sturdy brick, stone, or wooden pillars. Use these columns to suspend your hammocks. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

This backyard hammock idea is for homeowners who want to make the most of limited backyard space for small family gatherings or intimate dinner parties.

#6 Stay Cool Poolside with a Cabana Hammock

Pool Hammock

When sunshine is abundant, and shade is sparse, set up a poolside cabana hammock to create a relaxing space to read, catch an afternoon breeze, or supervise children at play. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

This hammock set-up is as uncomplicated as its surrounding environment. It offers a spot to catch a nap after hours of play in the pool. 

Set-Up Tips

Choose a hammock that’s made from durable material and compliments your outdoor furniture décor. Place sturdy hammock poles into the ground and suspend your hammock under the cabana. 

Installing permanent hammock posts are safer and more reliable for homeowners who want to make this relaxing oasis a lasting poolside fixture. Try burying and cementing two 6X6 wooden posts for this project. 

The Mock ONE is a perfect poolside hammock. Since you can move it around to either capture or avoid the sun, it makes the ultimate poolside companion. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

 Any parent who must pull lifeguard duty for children’s pool parties and splash sessions will love this idea. 

#7 Make Backyard Camping More Fun with a Series of Free-Standing Camping Hammocks

Samsara - Backyard Camping Hammock

Taking a group of youngsters on a camping trip can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared for unexpected challenges. Get ready for longer, more remote camping trips by scheduling backyard camping sessions for your group. Sleep more comfortably on a camping hammock and not on the ground in a tent.

If you're interested in Hammock Camping, check out our Beginner's Guide To Hammock Camping.

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

A folding, camping hammock such as the Samsara provides easy set up for your outdoor sleeping quarters. It has everything that you’ll need for a comfortable night of backyard camping. The Samsara camping hammock includes a high-quality mosquito netting, rainfly, and an integrated drink holder. 

Set-Up Tips

Setting up a freestanding hammock like the Samsara is easy. You’ll just need to unfold the hammock stand and adjust the bug net and rain tarp as needed. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

Parents who are scout leaders or who enjoy backyard camping staycations. 

#8 Spice Up Typical Outdoor Living Room Seating with a Hammock

Outdoor Living Space Hammock

Today’s residential architecture trends favor outdoor areas that act as living rooms and not just traditional deck spaces. These outdoor living rooms include anything from fire pits to relaxing water features. Enhance your special space with a hammock that takes the place of a seat or a lounge chair. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

Many people use their outdoor living rooms to entertain guests with good conversation, food, and live, acoustic music. Imagine swaying in time to the music in your hammock as you enjoy an evening with friends and family. Backyard hammock ideas don’t get any more relaxing than this. 

Set-Up Tips

Erect a shaded area in your outdoor living room with sturdy wood, brick, stone columns. Suspend your hammock from the posts. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

Homeowners who like to entertain and who want to add a functional, decorative conversation piece to their backyard living space will love this idea. 

#9 Bring Whimsical Seating to an Outdoor Prayer Room with a Hammock

While anecdotal evidence has suggested for years that a strong prayer life helps to relieve stress, science is catching up to faith-based groups with studies that suggest that regular prayer lowers blood pressure. 

Duke University researchers also saw links to faster healing for ailing patients when other people prayed for them. Create a beautiful outdoor prayer space with a hammock to reap the most benefits from your yard space. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

This backyard hammock idea adds comfort to a space that will bring you a peaceful mind and a hopeful spirit. 

Set-Up Tips

For quick set up, choose a hammock that comes with its own stand. Place it near a decorative outdoor side table among beautiful foliage. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

Anyone who has faith enough to believe in the healing power of prayer will love this idea. 

#10 Let Your Guests Get Post-Dinner Naps with Outdoor Kitchen Hammocks

Outdoor Kitchen

You and your guests have just had a wonderful evening of music, dinner, and outdoor entertainment. It’s not quite time for them to go home, and they may be persuaded to have a slice of pie before leaving. Installing hammocks around your outdoor kitchen allows your guests to take post-dinner naps in the fresh air before tackling the dessert tray or heading home. 

Adding in the Mock ONE is easy and can even be moved around the yard as your guests go from the kitchen to a fire pit for an evening bonfire. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

The ability to lay down and not sit in a traditional seat relieves pressure points and supports more restful naps. 

Set-Up Tips

Be generous with the hammocks. String them up where there are sturdy trees and structural posts. Consider sprinkling a few freestanding hammocks among the outdoor chairs, loveseats, and benches in your outdoor kitchen. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

Homeowners who like to entertain in their outdoor kitchens love this idea. 

#11 Enjoy the Sound and Scent of a Gentle Rain Shower in a Gazebo Hammock

Gazebo Hammock

A gazebo is a great place to plant seedlings for your garden and to quickly take shelter from a surprise rain shower. When you place a hammock in your covered gazebo, you get a chance to enjoy your garden even when the weather is less than ideal. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

This backyard hammock idea is relaxing because the hammock allows you to experience all the sights, sounds, and scents of nature.

Set-Up Tips

Use the gazebo’s posts to suspend your hammock. Choose a soothing color that compliments surrounding flowers and shrubs. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

Flower garden enthusiasts and their close companions will love this backyard hammock idea. 

#12 Take Advantage of Seaside Breezes with an Outdoor Hammock for Sleeping

While you know the benefits of putting your children down for naps, you may not be aware of the health benefits of letting yourself nap for short periods of time. 

Harvard researchers found that naps significantly increase cognitive function in some adults. Perhaps you need to relax for a time before you can roar. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

When you set up a hammock near the sea, you’re more likely to benefit from cool breezes that softly rock the hammock and send you off to dream land fast. 

Set-Up Tips

Take advantage of a water-facing porch by suspending your hammock on two sturdy porch posts. Accessorize the hammock with a small pillow, a light throw blanket, and your favorite read. 

The Mock ONE hammock is currently the only portable folding hammock with feet specifically designed not to sink into the sand. Along with the fact that it needs no trees, the Mock ONE is the perfect beach hammock. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

Homeowners or vacationers who have seaside views and time for an easy self-improvement routine love this idea. 

#13 Set Up a Jungle Hammock Near a Jacuzzi Hot Spot to Enjoy Evening Skies

Back Yard Jacuzzi

Your outdoor Jacuzzi is already one of the most relaxing spots on your property. You can make that area the ultimate retreat by adding a hammock in a nearby corner. 

Why Is This One of the Most Relaxing Backyard Hammock Ideas?

A hammock that’s set up near your Jacuzzi gives you a place to lay down after soaking in the hot tub’s warm water and drying off. 

Set-Up Tips

Try installs a pergola over your hot tub that will support both flowering vines and your hammock. A two-person hammock for extra cuddle time with your spouse will be much appreciated. 

Who Will Love This Idea?

People who want to make the most out of their hot tub area love this idea. 


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If you have a fun backyard hammock idea that’s not on our list, we’d love to hear about it. Please share the details in the comments below. 

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